Lacrosse: The Fastest Game On Two Feet

iStock 000009629393XSmall Lacrosse: The Fastest Game On Two FeetLacrosse is often  called the fastest game on two feet. It is also one of the most traditional. The physicality, the fast pace, the comraderie between teams and players, the sportsmanship, and the tradition are some of the many reasons why I love lacrosse.


The physicality of lacrosse is a big reason why I love the sport so much. The ability to use your body as an advantage in any sport is what makes it so fun. Although the physical side of lacrosse is just not all about hitting each other. In fact, that’s what makes this sport amazing. Unlike most other contact sports, in lacrosse your size does not determine your ability to do well. Some of the most physical players are the smallest players. Lacrosse is a very physical sport, but is also very unique, in that anyone can play it. You don’t have to be 6 foot 2 to do well.

Fast Pace

Another reason lacrosse is so amazing is that it is so fast paced. Lacrosse is often referred to as the fastest game on two feet because it is constantly going. Like ice hockey, the play very rarely stops. Players are required to run many fast sprints over a long period of time. Along with all of the fast running, the ball is constantly moving and keeps the spectators on their toes at all times.  Goals can be scored in the span of a few seconds. In lacrosse a lead of 4 goals is almost meaningless. This keeps the game fun and exciting.


The comraderie and sportsmanship of lacrosse is unprecedented.  Teammates come to be the best of friends on and off the field. Even players on opposite sides of the biggest rivalries are some of the best friends off the field.  In lacrosse, one tradition is where, like in hockey, at the end of each lacrosse game the teams line up for hand shakes. This tradition is carried out throughout all levels of lacrosse. The sportsmanship of lacrosse teams and players is very unique and a huge reason why I love the sport so much.


The tradition of lacrosse is amazing. It is one of the oldest known sports and there is so much heritage and belief in this amazing game. The sport of lacrosse we play now is much different from the original form called Baggataway which was invented as early as the twelfth century by Iroquois Indians. Although the game we play now is much different from that original version, the tradition remains the same.

The Native Americans call lacrosse “The Creator’s Game.” For the early Native Americans the men would take part in Baggataway in the role of Warriors, and as a religious service. Baggataway was played “For the Creator.” As soon as male children were born they would be given a small lacrosse stick that they carried with them their whole life, and were then buried with. Many of these traditions are still practiced today, and are the biggest reason why lacrosse is so unique in its sportsmanship. These traditions make lacrosse so unique and is the biggest reason why I love lacrosse so much.

Lacrosse is a very unique sport with its: fast pace, comradery between teams and players, sportsmanship, and tradition. It’s the fastest game on two feet, and probably also the most fun. Lacrosse is an amazing sport, and these are the reasons why I love it.

2 Responses to Lacrosse: The Fastest Game On Two Feet

  1. Carol says:

    We’re new to lacrosse and I love your site! It has some great information on this amazing sport. Thanks! Our son is making quick progress on mastering the skills of the game. I see what you mean by the fastest game on two feet.

    • Rich says:

      I think one of the things that really helps is if the boys play wall ball and catch with each other any chance they can get. That really develops their stick handling skills. Another thing to work on is building up endurance, because there’s so much running in lacrosse.

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